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A car lockout is as frustrating as it sounds; it could mess up your day or leave you stranded in hazardous locations. A car lockout could happen to anyone, and at any time – it’s a situation you do not want to find yourself in.

However, should you find yourself in this awkward and frustrating situation anywhere in the SW area in FL; contact Locksmith Lion Fort Myers as our service are available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week – which means we are always ready to assist in an emergency and will be anywhere in the lee and collier County area asap to help! 


our lockout services

At Locksmith Lion we provide many services to clients; one of which includes providing solutions to a car lockout. We offer 24/7 services to meet customers needs and offer assistance at any time of the day/night. Our different lockout solutions includes:

Extracting of Keys Locked Inside Your Car

Being locked out of your vehicle at any point is not a pleasant experience; it can leave you vulnerable if the car is still running or if you are in a dangerous part of town. Your car key could get locked inside your car because you mistakenly locked the door with your key in it or in a situation where you left your key in the car just to pick up to groceries and realized to late. We would help you get your key out of your vehicle in no time or damage– allowing you to continue on your journey.

Extraction of A Jammed Ignition Key

It’s not common for a car key to get stuck or break inside the ignition, however, it’s a stressful situation that could arise. Jammed ignition keys typically occur in aging cars that have brittle keys. If you try taking out the key yourself and you can’t; contact a professional locksmith technician for help. 

Glove Compartment Lockouts

Your glove compartment is the place for storing and keeping important files and documents, a glove compartment that’s locked out, damaged or broken can cause a lot of hassle in your daily activities. At Locksmith Lion Fort Myers, we can help you fix your damaged or broken glove compartment in no time. 

Keys Locked in The Trunk

Locking your key inside your trunk is another frustrating situation – if you have a spare key, you won’t have much to worry. If you do not; give us a call – we would be at your location asap to help you fix the problem.
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  • At Locksmith Lion Fort Myers, we provide the best customer service and 24/7 support
  •  We have a team of professional technicians always available to handle your emergencies
  • We provide our services to you at a discounted rate
  • Our products come with a warranty; you are sure of an after-sale service
  • We are very fast in getting to your location regardless of your exact location anywhere in the Fort Myers area, we would get to you – because we are mobile

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