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Keeping your business safe

Keeping your business safe

Your business is your livelihood and what allows you to keep your loved ones happy and safe. For that you need to insure your business and everything you invested into it is safe and sound. It should always be a priority to hire a professional locksmith technician to consult and make adjustment to any security hazard your business might have.

There a many possible security hazards for a business these days. For example:

  • with time you lost track of the number of key copies you made and now you are not sure whether an old employee or someone else can access your business? We can help! We have all types of locks on stock and are ready to assist at any time. We will also provide a number of keys of your choosing and verify that your business is safe and sound.
  • the lock on the front door to your business is a little worn out and you are worried it is not secure enough?
  • Other business in your area have been robbed? You have options! There are multiple advanced security systems in our market today. From smart lock systems to access control and motion sensors, we do it all. Call us 24/7 for a free estimate!
  • Is there valuable merchandise stored at your business, funds? We have an entire team that specializes in safes installation and maintenance!

So after discussing the theoretical causes for replacing your business locks, here are some facts:

Weather affects

Front door Locks that are positioned facing the outdoors get worn out faster than locks indoors. When a lock is exposed to heat, cold, water and snow it increases the chances of damage to both the outside shell of the lock and the cylinder machines as well. A licensed commercial locksmith can consult whether the tor of lock is not suitable and should be replaced, if a lock has been poorly maintained over the years or if the lock just was not installed properly.

Age of the lock and cylinder

Commercial locks are meant to last for a long time, however as commercial locks are being widely used, tear and wear are very common. Another consider should be the progress of the market. There are multiple option in today’s market that allows owners to secure their business. From high end smart locks to access control and motion detection systems. Call Locksmith Lion 24/7 for a free consult!

Key copies

As a business owner you want to put the safety of your business first. Over the years every business owner will have multiple employees and it is not always possible to keep track of all the sets of keys you had made. It is very troubling to think that a past employee could want to harm your business, but we all know relationships do not always end on a good note. If your commercial lock is in a good shape but you are worried someone you do not trust have another per of keys, call Locksmith Lion and we can replace the inner cylinder mechanism of your commercial lock so that an old set of keys will never successfully unlock it. We will also provide you with as many keys as you would like to fit the new mechanism.

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