Car Fobs

Car technology advances every single day that passes; there are features added to new car models to make them at most convenient for users. For example,  starting your car from a far in cold weather, locking and unlocking you car in a click of a button if the key is tucked a way in your pocket or purse and much more. 

A key fob refers to the electronic part of the car key that looks like a remote; In it’s advantages you can find:

  • Unlocking your car doors with the touch of a button- the fob contains  security sensors that serve as a security token.
  • In some cases, the fob key can allow remote starting of your car– The remote start option is present on most key fob; owners use the key to start up the car before they get inside remotely. The button to remotely start up the vehicle varies from manufactures. For some manufacturers, this function comes labeled with a circular arrow.
  • Mechanical Key-
    in cars that have the remote start option, is a key inside the key fob that

serves as a mechanical key. The purpose of the key is to unlock the driver’s door in case that the key fob is damaged, low on battery or malfunctions; It also comes in handy if the car battery runs out.

  • The fob key authenticates the user of the car, granting access to entry and usage.
  • The fob has a sensor that transmits signals to the vehicle through near field communication, Bluetooth or infrared- what this implies is that users do not necessarily have to press a button to unlock or start the car; the fob will detect proximity and unlock the car.
  • Smart key fob allows you  to both turn on and off your car without being inside.
  • Car Summon
    the car summon option is  known as one of the best functions available in today’s market key fobs. The car summon function allows owners to “drive” their vehicles out of tight parking spots to where they can easily enter the car.
  • Lowers all car windows with a click of a button– 
    the function of lowering the windows and sunroof is an additional function added to most recent key fobs; it allows cooling of the car during the hot weather that comes in handy for the driver. The window lowering function is often not labeled on the key fob and requires getting used to by the owner.
  • Mirror folding-
    modern cars come with the mirror folding function that’s triggered during the door locking process – but not all cars automatically have this option. In some cars it is an optional function of the key fob.

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