Know Who Your Locksmith is Before You Need One

Most of us have professionals that we go to regularly when we need the services they provide. We have a family doctor and a regular dentist, and we know who we will call if we need a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, or a landscaper. We develop these relationships over time and we continue to do business with people that provide us with quality work and good service at fair prices, and invariably, we recommend them to others.

It is a good idea to keep a list of all of the service providers that you may need somewhere handy in the event of an emergency. You don’t need to be rummaging through your drawers looking for the phone book or wasting time trying to separate the spam from the legitimate listings online when you need help immediately.

Locksmiths are often called because people find themselves locked out of their business, car, or home, and when you have no idea who to turn to when you are in the midst of an unexpected locksmith emergency, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to scams. There was recently a case in Missouri that was brought to light by the State Attorney General there that underscores why you should identify a reputable local locksmith in your area and keep their contact information close at hand.

There was a locksmith company out of Florida that came to Missouri and created multiple fake identities with different phone numbers that all fed to the same call center. When you called any one of these companies due to a locksmith emergency, they would quote you a particular price, and then charge you much more when they got there. If you tried to complain at the “office” that was listed, you found out that there was no locksmith at that address. And then if you told others to beware of this unscrupulous locksmith, they were likely to get the same company because they dominated the listings under different names with different phone numbers.

This type of thing can and does happen in any industry, which is why it is wise to find tradesmen that you know you can count on to act with integrity if you have to call them in the event of an emergency. The best way to do this is to develop a relationship under non-emergency circumstances. Residential locksmiths offer a full range of solutions that can help keep your home and valuables safe. Having a locksmith come out to upgrade your locks or install a keyless entry system can be a good way to improve your home security while connecting with someone you can trust in the event of an emergency.

24/7 Locksmith Services is dedicated to becoming the most trusted 24 hour emergency locksmith in the business, and we do all that we can to keep people aware of the scams that are out there to help you avoid paying more than you should. We highly recommend that you develop a relationship with an honest local locksmith who you can rely on to respond to emergency locksmith situations quickly, honor their quotes, and get the job done right. Don’t take chances when you need a mobile locksmith. Call the trusted professionals at 24/7 Locksmith Services.


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