Lock Fresh Installation

In most homes and organization, the lock system is a main part of what makes people feel safe and secure. It is the protected shield between our business, house and loved ones, and the outside world. 

Locksmith Lion Fort Myers provides fresh lock installation services to individuals and organizations residing across the SWFL.


Reasons to consider changing your locks:

  • Moving to a new house- when you relocate to a new location, it’s advisable you change the locks for security reasons. The previous owners might have given their keys to neighbors or friends in the neighborhood. You do not want to come back home and meet a stranger at your front door.
  • In case of a commercial property- it’s good practice to change your lock regularly as this ensures you have control over who has access. An old employee could have made a copy of the key and gain unwanted access to your business. 
  • Another reason to change your lock is to keep up with the new lock trend – this option is excellent for commercial purposes- you can smart locks that includes cameras, motion detectors and much more. 
  • We never want to think about it, however, if your home has been burgled in the past, it is a good idea to call a professional and request a free risk assessment.
  • There new insurance compliances some must apply. 
  • Humid weather can damage your locks. Every few years calling a professional to evaluate the state of your locking mechanism is a must. 

We provide services for all purposes (residential and commercial) like; when you purchase a new door, need an additional lock for security, responding to insurance request or when your lock is due for an upgrade. Whatever is your reason for needing a new lock installation, Locksmith Lion Is always available to provide assistance and guarantee of a good job.

Types of Lock

To determine the best lock for your home, we need to first determine the purpose the lock would serve.

Do you need a new lock to increase security?

update the entire lock just the mechanism itself?

We can help you determine what type of lock suits your purpose the best.

Our licensed and experienced technicians can install and repair various lock types ranging from the simple metal lock to high-security locks, and wireless keyless locks. For example:

Deadbolt Lock
Deadbolt lock is probably the most common type of lock found in homes, hotels, and apartments; it’s the easiest way to secure your home. The deadbolt system is a lot difficult to break open compared to standard door locks. For more information, see our blog post explaining and recommending best locks. 

Mortise Deadlocks
The Mortise Deadlock is quite similar to the deadbolt lock – only that the mortise has a higher level of security. The lock type requires a key to lock and unlock from both sides of the door. The lock mechanism makes it more secure than the deadbolt.

High – Tech Lock
The high-tech lock is popular in newer homes; this is because the high-tech lock has better technological features that have a twenty-first-century touch. The high-tech lock cam come in various types like the numeric keypad, mobile phone activated lock, Bluetooth, and biometrics. Most high-tech locks do not have keys and easily restricts movement in and out of your home.

Our Locksmith Services
At Locksmith Lion fort Myers includes a risk assessment and recommendations concerning your security needs; we have licensed, professional technicians with years of experience to ensure your job is done without issues or complains.

If you need to change your lock for security reasons or update to the latest security measure; we are available to help you 24/7. Our services include both residential and commercial lock installation, which comes with a warranty.
Contact Locksmith Lion Fort Myers for the fastest response for your lock installation for both commercial and residential purposes.