Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying is similar to lock replacement; the only difference is that with lock rekeying, you do not need to change the entire lock. Lock rekeying allows you to adjust your lock for security purposes but comes with a different key. This method has much lower cost compared to having to change the entire lock. A lot of homeowners are not aware of this option; when they move to a new home, they change the locks, including the good locks as opposed to lock rekeying, which is cost effective.
The procedure for rekeying a lock involves changing the working key of the lock with a new key while maintaining the same lock. A skilled locksmith would have this done in minutes; it’s not a difficult task to carry out. Rekeying a lock does not affect your security system. So, before you decide to buy a new lock, let our locksmith at Locksmith Lion Fort Myers assess the damaged lock and change the mechanism.


If you can’t find the key to your home; either because you misplaced it or because it got stolen, consider re-keying your lock as against changing the entire lock. Contact Locksmith Lion Fort Myers as we provide twenty-four hours and seven days a week lock rekeying service. We replace the inside pins of your lock with a new one that comes with a new set of keys – to ensure only you have access to your home.
Locksmith Lion Fort Myers will need access to your old lock alongside the key that opens it and the new key you want to rekey. Because we are one of the fastest locksmith in the industry, our expert would get to you and have your lock rekeyed in no time. The process of rekeying might seem easy on paper, but it requires the professionalism of an expert to perform the task perfectly well and in record time.
When to Rekey the Lock in Your Home or Office
For security purpose, the lock at your home and office should always be a priority; but in reality, a lot of people do not pay attention to locks until there’s a real problem. You need to rekey your lock if any of the following incidents occur.
You Just Moved into A New Place
If you recently moved to a new house or a new office and want to change the lock, you can cut down on your cost by rekeying the locks as against changing. If the lock still works, rekeying would serve the same purpose as changing a new lock.
Changing for Security Reasons
Did you give your key to someone you don’t wish to have access to your home or office anymore? Consider rekeying as it gives you a new set of keys that renders the old set of keys useless.
After A Break-In
Burglars might tamper with your alarm system or damage your locks in a way that would allow them to gain entry should they decide to come back. Rekey your lock to secure yourself better.
Contact us at Locksmith Lion in Fort Myers Florida for lock rekeying emergencies as we always have professionals available to attend to your needs. (239) 771-9099

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