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Locked out of your car? Here’s what you need to do

If you got locked out of your vehicle, first, don’t worry. It happens to everyone. In fact, I see it myself 3-5 times a day. Stay calm in order to find the best solution to get you back in the car asap.  I have gathered some solutions that are going to help you to get your car unlocked without damage.

Try unlocking it yourself 

If there’s a little space between the glass window and the frame, try to reach the lever or unlock the button. If it’s a manual window, roll it down with a long reach tool. Do not attempt to push the window down or bend the door in order to reach the button. It can cause damage that costs a lot to repair. If there is no way to reach the button, try the following: 

Spare key at home or office 

If you have a spare key at home call a friend to bring it over or pick you up. If there’s no one that can pick you up, you can take a taxi or uber home to get the spare keys for your car. It will cost less than cutting the programming a new key. 

Check with your roadside assistance or insurance if they cover a car lockout service.

Many car insurance and road side assistance providers offering to cover or reimburse a vehicle lockout. Some will cover the full expense and others partial. In order to find out you call your insurance or AAA provider to confirm if your policy covers automotive lockouts.
Usually roadside response time is long. You can check with them to see if you will be reimbursed for calling a local locksmith.

If a kid or a dog is locked inside the car, and the car must be open right away, do the following:

First, call 911. They can send a police or the fire department to your location in a few minutes. In an emergency that must be your first steps.
Car windows are not easy to break but it is possible. You will to need to use a strong object like an hammer and pointy metal object like a screw driver. 
Hit the the screwdriver with a hammer in the corner of the window and not the middle (The center is the strongest point) 

If any of the above solutions didn’t help, your best next step to getting your car unlocked is to call a nearby locksmith. Any automotive locksmith will be able to unlock any car make and model.  Make sure that the locksmith you call is local and licensed and insured, ask for price and respond time beforehand.

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