24 hour locksmith services in Fort Myers FL

If you get locked out or need lock change or car key or anything to do with lock and key we can help anytime, anywhere in three angle in Lee & Collier county.

24HR Car lockout serviceCar Key programmer service in Fort Myers FL 24 hours

Getting lockout of your car in the middle of the night can be frustrating no need to panic! Trying to unlock the car by yourself can damage the car and be costly. Give us a call at (239) 771-9099 we here 24 hours to help with any car, truck, trunk lockout service you need in Fort Myers, Cape CoralEstero or Lehigh acres FL and near by.

Fort Myers FL Car key replacement

Lost your car key? Key won’t start the car any more? No worries At Locksmith Lion Fort Myers we can help! Even if you lost all your car key replacement Fort Myerskeys we can recover lost car keys also programming of the key transponder chip to your vehicle.

Broken auto key extraction

If your key broke in the door or ignition our technician our professional and experience and will extract the broken key and also provide your with new key to your car if needed and get you back on the road in no time.

Automotive key programming

Since 1998 Most vehicle factories added a transponder chip to reduce vehicle (hot wire) theft transponder key most be programmed to the vehicle in order to start the car.

We have the best car key programmers in the market to be able to program almost any car key, smart/proximity key, remote to your vehicle.

Car key duplication

In need of spare key for your vehicle? We duplicate car keys/ smart keys and also programming key to the vehicle. We’re a mobile locksmith service. So give us a call at (239) 771-9099 to set a time and location for the technician to make you a spare key for your vehicle. Make sure you have all the keys with you, Some cars when programming new key automatically deleted the old one we what to make sure all your keys will work after our work.

House lockout service near FT Myers FL

Getting locked out of your house can be frustrating there’s no need to panic. We here to help and offering 24/7 locksmith services to help with any house lock-out service you need at any time or location in Cape Coral or Fort Myers FL

Lock change

When should you change your locks?lock change Fort Myers FL

– When the lock not working properly

– When you need to upgrade your home security

– When the lock cosmetically need to be changed

– When moving to new place

– When changing residents in a house

– When firing old employee

Or any other reason that makes you feel insecure with your existing locks.

Lock Re-Key

What’s a lock rekeying?

A locksmith rekey a lock by changing the pins inside the cylinder to different sizes pins that match the new keys and prevent old key from operating the lock anymore. Security wise its the same as changing the lock. Cosmically wise the lock will exactly the same. Budget wise its lower cost then changing your locks.

Master lock rekey

What’s a master rekey? 

There are 2 way to have a master key:

1. Make all doors work with one key

2. Make all doors work with one key and each door have is unique key that unlock only one door it meant to and not others.

A locksmith do the same as rekey the different is the locksmith insert 2 pins level instead of one so 2 keys can work the lock.


Who should use master rekey system?

1. Complex apartments

2. Offices with many doors

3. Business that employee should enter only few doors and owners/manager can access all doors with one key

Fort Myers’s Lock repair service

If your lock stop working or doesn’t work properly our experience tech can repair it. Our technicians have spare parts in the vans, that can reduce the cost instead of changing the lock that will probably cost more.Lock repaired

We can repair deadbolt, doorknob, push bar, handle set, mechanism and much more..

Fresh lock installation

Our technicians can install a lock from 0 a new deadbolt, doorknob, or many other type of locks for residential or commercial doors.

Adding a deadbolt on a front door or garage door that doesn’t currently have a deadbolt is really important for your security! A doorknob/lever is not secure enough to protect your home or business. A doorknob/lever can be shimmed and burglar can unlock your door in less then 1 minute, a deadbolt can’t be shimmed or bypass and must be installed on any door from outside.

Smart lock

A smart lock can give you peace of mind that you won’t need use your keys anymore. There are many types of smart locks with different ways to operate them, some works with code some with finger print, some with phone Bluetooth control and some with WI-FI remote control.

A keyless lock works on batteries and if you forgot to change it and lock run out of batteries you’re locked out.

That’s why we recommend to use a smart lock with the key override option just in case of a mechanical failure or running out of batteries.

Keypad Smart lock

Door can be unlock by entering the pin code you have setup when you install the lock. Also you can change the code any time by using the programming code or reset button inside the house behind the cover of the lock.

Smart lock by Bluetooth phone control

You can fully control your lock from creating a new code and deleting a code or unlocking the door from a app on your phone. You’d need to be close to the lock (Bluetooth Communication Distance) in order to work it.

Smart lock by WI-FI control

Add and delete codes, unlock the door remotely Same as Bluetooth plus you can monitor it live from anywhere in the world 24/7 and don’t need to be near the lock.

High security locks

High security it is exactly like it sounds.High security lock

– Made out of harden steal to protect from drilling.

– build with fails gates to protect from picking

– Build with sidebar to prevent from feeling the cylinder movement while picking it. Or with double pin means pin inside a pin to make it really difficult to pick

– Key can be duplicate only with owner special card that comes with the lock

Mailbox lock change in Lehigh acres, Cape Coral and Fort Myers FL

Lost your mailbox key? We can help with unlocking your mail-box and replacing it with new lock. We have in stock many types of mailbox locks that will feet any standard mailbox lock.

In Need of our locksmiths services? Give us a call anytime at (239) 771-9099