What is a proximity / smart car key?

A technology that gives you the option to unlock and start your car with the keys still in your pocket. In the past, you has to use a twist knob to turn on the engine, nowadays you can use a push to start button to remotely start your car.

Can a proximity key get locked inside a car? Officially no, however, it can. I have unlocked many cars in which the key shouldn’t have locked inside and in fact it did. There are a number of possible causes: low battery in the car or proximity key, proximity key locked in the trunk, having 2 prod keys in the same car might confuse the car computer, other causes are electricity jump and system failure.
Proximity keys are a 10 years old technology that keeps improving every year. 

What is a proximity / smart car key Fort Myers FL

What should you do if the fob’s battery ran out?
To unlock the door: there is an emergency key inside your proximity fob key, take the emergency key and insert it in the door cylinder to unlock the car.
Cylinder is not always visible sometimes you need to remove the cylinder cover to revile the cylinder. If you look under the cover you will notice that there is a little spot to insert the emergency key to. While inserting the emergency key, use your second hand to remove the cover. To start the car: First try to push the start button with the proximity car key. If it doesn’t work, check the owner’s manual to find out the location of the programming slot in your vehicle. It will be in a different location in each car. After finding the location, leave the key in the programming slot and push the start button.
On your key’s battery, there should be a number listed, for example; 2032, 2025. Make sure you get the same number you had prior to the change. Your emergency key should be used to separate the proximity in order to get to the battery. Be REALLY careful when opening it, it can break fairly easily. A smart key should be programmed by a Locksmith in order to start the car. A proximity that was not programmed correctly to the vehicle would not start the car. In some car models, you might be able to add an additional proximity key if you already have 2 exiting keys, without the need of programming

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