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Top Tips for securing your home

Top Tips for securing your home

Our home is where we keep all of our precious belongings however, we keep a lot mote than just our belongings in our homes. Our home is the one please where we and are loved ones can and should feel safe. Securing your home should always be a high priority. There are simple steps each of us can take to ensure we are not exposed to risk of break-ins or burglary. In addition to installing good, reliable locks, there are a number of things we can do to increase the security level of our home:

Rekey your locks

When moving to a new house, it is important to treat the locks. You can never know who has an old set of keys and can have access to your home. If the existing lock is in good shape, you can re-key the lock so that no old set of key will natch the locking mechanism and allow unlocking of the door. Rekeying a lock can also be useful if you are a landlord and have had a few tenants over a period of time, If your home is shared in a short-term sharing arrangements like Airbnb, you could also benefit from rekeying your locks so to not have unwanted company.

Reinforce doors and door frames

We assume that as doors have locks they are safe. However, when a door is old and the hardware has never been replace, you will not imagine how easy it is to kick down a door. The hinges are not securing the door and unwanted guests can take advantage of that. FBI burglary statistics indicate that 65% of break-ins occur by forcing the front, back or garage doors. Call Locksmith Lion 24/7 and have a professional technician assess your home security and advise with no charge.

Securing your windows

We all love natural light, it’s one of the best aspects a property can have. However, we do not want people on the street to be able to see into our precious and private home. There are multiple advanced solutions from darkening your windows to installing a security screen that will also protect the glass from easy breaking. Taking the extra protection when it comes to windows can mean the few seconds that counts to call for help when you spot a burglar outside your home. 

Smart alarm systems

In today’s market the number of possibilities of smart locks and alarm system is unbelievable. There are hidden systems that will also capture photos of anyone attempting to unlock the door, there are motion sensors based system that can provide different coverage levels in different areas, there are biometric entry systems, silent alarms to call for help if a bad situation is already undergoing and much more. Share your security needs with on of our experienced technician and they will advise on the best course of action to keep your home safe.

Motion activated lights systems

Another great way to increase the security level of your home, especially when you are away, is to install motion detections light system across your yard. The lights will be activated by any motion detected in the surrounding area of your house. In these systems, the lights are often triggered by animals and rustling debris in the wind. The frequent turning on and off of the lights gives the impression that someone is home and keeps unwanted guests away from your home.

Proven research tips to avoid burglary:

  • Burglar alarm installed
  • Deadbolt locks on all exterior doors
  • House that is occupied the majority of the day
  • Newspaper and mail picked up
  • Lights and noise inside the house (you can always leave the lights or TV on for extra procession)
  • Car in the driveway
  • Motion activated exterior lights
  • Dog in the house or even a dog house or a sign.


When owning a home there are multiple things to pay attention to. Your home safety should get the highest priority. Call Locksmith Lion Fort Myers FL 24/7 at (239) 771-9099  for a technician to come out and assess your property for no charge. Our professional technician will point out all weaknesses if there are any, and together you will build a plan to secure your home.