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Why Your Car Key Is Not working?

We have all been there, you are ready to drive to work or home and then you realize that the key is not working. Don’t panic, in most cases it can be fixed easily.
Let’s start,
Some vehicles have electricity in the car in order to unlock the door (usually High end vehicles) so if you are locked out of your car and your key won’t turn, or if you can turn it but the car is not responding, best option is to call a locksmith to unlock your car and jump start it.
There is also the possibility that the key got shaved out over time or that the lock is broken. A Locksmith is still your best option to get your car unlocked safely.

Smart key / push to start key not working

Smart key works on batteries and they’re usually draining out in a few years. In case your smart key drained out of battery and there’s no visible cylinder on your car door to unlock it, there’s a solution- use the emergency key in your fob.
Here is what you should do:
Take a look at your fob and look fit a little  switch or button. Click it and at the same time pull the key out (some Ford models require to open the fob to get the key out) Once the key is out, look at the door handle where usually traditional cars have a key cylinder, bend over and look under the handle. You are going to find a small hole in which you should insert the emergency key and jiggle it a little bit to get the cup off. You will then find a traditional key cylinder, insert your key turn it and unlock your door.
To start your car when your key ran out of batteries, take the following steps:
Take your owner manual and check where is your programming spot, that’s where you need to leave your key at in order to start the engine. The locations depend on your make, model and year. the locations are usually at the cup holder (sometimes you need to remove the surface of the cup older out if it’s removable), center consul, passenger seat, glove compartment, under the steering wheel or directly press the fob on the push to start button to start the car.

How to change the car smart key batteries

Now we need to change the battery of the smart key.
To do so, you need to use a flat head screwdriver or the emergency key. Take the emergency key and be VERY VERY CAREFUL when opening the smart key so it won’t break. You need to find the break points between the top and the bottom parts of the fob and insert the screwdriver to turn it and open the fob. Look at your battery, it should have a number such as 2032 or 2025 and so on. A new fob battery can be bought in Walmart or an automotive parts shop.

Transponder key won’t start the car

If your transponder car key turns but it won’t start the engine, there are a few possible reasons; Look at the dashboard and check if there is any light flashing or a lock/key symbol light on. If there is, it means your key got damaged or is not programmed to your car. In rare cases, the car ring that is in charge of reading the key, got damaged. Call a locksmith near you to get it fixed.
If you are stuck in Fort Myers or  Cape Corl FL and not sure what your next step should be, you can call Locksmith Lion Fort Myers 24/7 for assistance or a free advice! Stay safe!

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  1. Fay linn

    My favorite part of this article was when you explained that if your smart key is drained out of battery, you can always use the emergency one in your fob. The other day I noticed that the lock for my car was not working and I think it has more to do with an electrical program. I am hoping that someone can come and replace the system, or help me find a solution to get my key working again.

  2. Max Jonson

    Great post about Car Keys. I really appreciate you sharing the info Thanks

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